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It’s my first MerMay! Ok so I haven’t been that good at doing it daily. I have kids and I have a job (although I haven’t done much of that lately). Either way the kids keep me busy and doing school with them definitely doesn’t allow for ample free time.

That being said I have done a couple mermaids. I had never done any before so I had nothing to lose really!

The best advice I can give on it is to pick less complex tails lol. I have to learn to do looser work on occasion. For some reason I think everything I do has to be this huge masterpiece when I have more fun doing quicker small things.

i was able to do two mermaids MerMay drawings/paintings and it was fun. I did one using copic and alcohol markers and another in oil. I’ll share below. Quick question, I am thinking of doing some kids videos on quick watercolor birds. Do you think it would be worth it?

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