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The Beginning!

It was during a time in my life that I thought would never happen. I hear about it all the time from my clients. Hard times hit us all! Money problems, work, relationship issues, kiddos. Well I was experiencing one of those times. I knew it was just the beginning but I was struggling! All of those issues named above, not one, but all. I have always tried to do right by people. I have been a coach, mentor, business owner and friend. I helped when anyone called but here I was in a crazy part of my life and I was watching it get worse by the day and I felt like I had no one. Ok, that may be dramatic but hey, I'm an artist!

As a nearly 40 year old woman I knew that this too shall pass but at the time I just needed something to take my mind of the craziness that was my life. (tell you in more detail later). I started to paint! At first it was copying videos from Bob Ross. I kind of feel like so many artists start this way. A landscape here and there and I was hooked.

I began researching art, history, types, mediums. It was so interesting. As a hairdresser of 20 years I always said hair was my hobby. I obsessed over it for 20 years. I still love it but I just needed something to take me out of that world. Painting was a way to do that! I never expected it to become such an interest. I thought I would do a few and then move on but here I am nearly two years later continuing my journey. I am hoping to document said journey through videos, this blog and my art.

Till next time...…..

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