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ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING, Fine Art, Capital Riot, January 6 2021, Controversial artwork.
A collectible work for hard times. As I watched the capital riots I had mixed emotions. I thought it was a historical enough event to put it in art. Every war, famine, “insurrection”, and revolution is eventually turned into art so I had no reason to feel that this should not be.

This is the first I am putting up for sale. There will be others.

REstART by: Michael Helene! Graphite, oil, acrylic, watercolor paintings and drawings. Michael Helene is a multi media artist, blending beauty with macabre. Custom work available. This site is built for her REstART as an artist.

Be on the lookout for new videos on our YouTube channel, and social sites. We are new thus everything is still being pulled together but we are gaining traction fast. We offer original, dna signed artworks complete with Certificate of Authenticity. We offer prints and merch, Commission pieces, and art classes (coming soon).


My name is Michael Helene. I was born in 1981 in Houston Texas. I have always been an artist of sorts. Winning student art contests in school and always finding ways to be creative. I never thought I could draw but I certainly did loads of artsy projects. Whether it be a life size Sir Walter Raleigh or a scale model of an English castle. My momma and I would do projects together and they always ended up way over the top in some way. We still love to paint together and get creative. Her love of paintings and support of artists from around the world helped to spawn my love of painting and drawing. I’ve been a professional artist working out of my art studio now in Chantilly VA since 2018. I enjoy adding a unique perspective to my work in order to make each piece memorable. 

I am a hairdresser by trade but started painting as a hobby. I am an entrepreneur, educator and former salon owner in Loudoun County. As an award winning, celebrity hair artist I have been an asset to the beauty community and hope to do the same for the art world. I had no idea I would fall so madly in love with it!

Capital Riots January 6 2021

SKU: Capriot001
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